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7th March 2017

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Image 1: Staff at King Edward’s school taught each other instruments ranging from the double bass to the marimba
Here are members of staff at King Edward’s School, Witley who took on a Grade-1-a-thon challenge and celebrated a 100% pass rate - via ABRSM

How to setup a grade-a-thon

Grade-a-thon’s have been taking the country by storm. They involve a group of aspiring or experienced musicians of all ages learning a new instrument, preparing for and taking a graded music exam on the instrument, and raising money for charity in the process. Sound like it could be fun? It’s a great way of learning something new, teaching others and raising money for a good cause.

Check out guitarist Miloš Karadaglić, tenor Wynne Evans and Mark Bedford from Madness joining forces with members of the London Symphony Orchestra when they had their own grade-a-thon to raise money for the Children in Crossfire charity.

And here are our tips on how you can set your own up:

1Get a group together

Find out what members of your group want to learn and what they can teach to others and pair people up to teach each other. The more different swap the better, for example if you play flute, why not try out trombone?

2Choose your charity

Have a charity close to heart? Set up an online funding page like Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving to make it easy for people to donate.

3Get some support

ABRSM can help you out with a bespoke support pack, offering a guide, posters, stickers and special certificates for participation.

4Set your goal

Decide what grade your group wants to aim for and set a time limit – make sure you allow enough time to register for your grade exams and for lessons and practice!

5Practice, practice, practice

Make sure your group know how much work and dedication a grade exam involves. Don’t forget you’ll also need to learn your scales and aural tests.

6Promote yourself

Tell everyone you know, share your funding page and promote your group’s progress on social media. The more people you tell the more likely you are to reach and exceed your fundraising target!

7Exam time

On exam day try to enjoy yourself and relax - this exam is for fun! When your mark and certificate come through let everyone know how you did. Then it’s time to celebrate your success and fundraising efforts!

Let us know how your group is getting on via our Twitter page @AllianzMusic