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17th January 2017

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The Top New Year’s Resolutions for Musicians.

Now is the time where most people’s New Years’ resolutions are sitting by the wayside. Most people aim for the stars and inevitably three weeks later are right back where they started. The problem is having an all-or-nothing goal with unrealistic expectations, making it easy to give in and setting you up for failure.

So why not switch yours and aim for something that will improve you musically? We’ve compiled a list of our four favourite and most useful resolutions for musicians:

1Learn a new instrument.

A lot of music retailers offer hire instruments available at low monthly costs so you could try out something completely new. You could get a group together and do a Grade-a-thon, learn an instrument you’ve always wanted to, or learn an auxiliary instrument that will be useful to your career (i.e. if you’re a clarinettist, you could think about learning saxophone or flute). The satisfaction you can gain from realising how far you’ve come in a year is second to none.

Set yourself a specific, achievable goal to make sure you complete your resolution to practice more.

2Practice more.

Well this one is obvious! All musicians can benefit from more practice but why don’t you set yourself a specific, achievable goal? Create a practice diary, set a specific time each day and make sure your practice time fits around your family, school or work obligations so you’ll make sure you make the time.

Did you know? There are 168 hours in a week; around 40 of them will be at work or school and around 56 of them you will be sleeping through, so you’re left with 72 hours - think of the potential!

3Take better care of your instrument.

Many musicians will admit that they could probably take better care of their instrument. Whether you’re a guitarist or a flautist, maintenance is an important part of playing your instrument. The better you take care of your instrument the less likely it will need a visit to your repairers. Create a cleaning schedule, with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks and make sure you stick to it.

4Save money for something special.

Instead of setting a vague target why not aim to save for something extra special, like a new instrument, accessory, or a yearly service for your instrument? Just put a little aside each month into a jar (or if your bank offers it set up a save the change account so all your spending is rounded up and put into a separate account), you’ll be amazed at how much you can save in a year!

If you have a different musical resolution this year why not share it with us? Get in contact with us on Twitter @AllianzMusic